Our learn-to-swim lessons are well established and have been running for many years. We offer quality teaching by keeping class sizes small, with the younger swimmers having 2 teachers per class. All of our teachers hold qualified ASA Swimming Teachers Certificates at Levels 1 or 2 and class assistants hold the ASA poolside helper award.

We hold our lessons at the Dolphin Pool, Filton eary on Sunday evenings for children 4 years and over. The lessons are run on a school term basis, with assessment carried out near the end of the term. We charge £4 per lesson (payment for a term's worth of lessons is required) and all fees pay for pool hire, and equipment cost; all of our teachers work on a voluntary basis.

We have incorporated the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming into our swimming lessons to allow all swimmers to gain the necessary abilities and skills to develop their swimming strokes and technique effectively and efficiently. As part of the plan, there are a number of levels for swimmers to achieve by passing the set criteria for each. At our learn-to-swim we focus on achieving stages 1, 2, and 3, for which each swimmer will gain an award of a certificate and badge. Through completing these stages, distance awards will also be achieved, with the aim of a level 1 swimmer being able to swim 5 meters and a level 2 swimmers being able to swim 10 meters. All badges and certificates are available at a cost of £2.20 each. Once swimmers are able to achieve 10 meters on both their front and back with the appropriate stroke technique, and have passed a minimum of stage 3 of the National Swim Plan, they have the opportunity to move in to the main pool for lessons. This is run differently from the learner pool lessons however.


For details concerning times, cost and waiting list (if there is one) please contact: Head Coach (see contacts)

If your child can already swim 10 meters on both their front and back with the appropriate stoke technique then contact: Head Coach (see contacts)