You should not ask your coach or teacher to be your social networking site friend.

Use the internet positively and do not place yourself at risk. Have a look at for some useful tips

Consider who you are inviting to be your friend and follow good advice of the social networking sites to ensure you are talking to the person you believe that you are talking to.

ALWAYS REMEMBER that anything you say including photos posted on your site may be shared with people other than those whom it was intended for

Never post anything that is: hurtful, untrue and upsetting or that you may regret sharing later on. Posts may be used by other people in a way that you did not intend or want.

Parents are expected to:

  1. Complete and return the Health and Consent form as requested by the club and detail any relevant health concerns. (it is the responsibility of all parents to ensure the coach is aware of any medications being taken by swimmers) Any changes in the state of the child’s health should be reported to the coach prior to coaching sessions and parents should ensure the club has up to date contact details and mobile numbers for emergency and for texting out club information.
  2. Deliver and collect your child punctually to and from coaching sessions/swim meets. Always stay to check the session is running, you should wait until the session has actually started and your child is in the water before leaving. Please inform a member of the committee or coaching staff if there is an unavoidable problem. If your child is to be collected early from a coaching session you must inform the coach before the session and keep them informed as to who will be collecting them. If a swimmer is more than 10 minutes late it is up to the coach as to whether they swim as the session will have already started.
  3. If the club changes your child’s lane and squad/ training times please remember the changes are to provide appropriate levels of training and enable your child to progress and should be encouraged at all times. Swimmers should attend only the sessions for their appropriate squad to ensure everyone gets beneficial training.
  4. Ensure your child arrives in plenty of time to be ready to start the warm up and that they are properly and adequately attired for the training session/event including all required equipment i.e. hats, goggles, fins etc. 5. Encourage your child to obey the rules, talking through the swimmers code of conduct and anti bullying policies with them.
  5. Show appreciation and support your child and all team members, help your child to enjoy club swimming and achieve to the best of their ability.
  6. Behave responsibly as a spectator at training /meets and treat swimmers, coaches, committee members and the parents of yours and other clubs with due respect upholding the ASA commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.
  7. Support the club coach and committee appropriately and raise any concerns you have in an appropriate manner.(details of the club Welfare Officer can be found on the notice board and website)
  8. Please check the notice board for information regularly and tick for galas promptly. In the event of being unavailable please inform the coach /cross name off so that other swimmers can be offered the place and a full team selected.
  9. Parents wishing to take photographs should register in the photography book and all members should be vigilant and raise any concern with the Welfare Officer, club committee members, or coaches regarding the photographic use of mobile phones.
  10. Parents should arrive promptly to collect swimmers at the end of a session and be aware that if a child is not collected within a reasonable time welfare procedures will be followed (coaches may need to contact police/social services in accordance with child protection policies)
  11. Parents must be responsible for the safety and behaviour of their own children when not in the pool area. This includes the changing rooms and outside areas – Bristol North do not have staff to steward these areas which are open to the public.  Parents are asked not to drop children off at the roadside and come back later to pick them up from the pavement outside the pool.

May 2012/renewed May 2014

As a trial, Thursday training at Filton will move to the earlier slot of 7pm - 8.30pm from the 6th November. Please note that this coincides with the start of the longer distance club championship events - so please get there on time!

New Conditions for the 2015 Championships have been published. The dates will remain as 2014 and not change to the January/February period. It was proposed that the ‘age on’ date should change to 31 December but this decision has been deferred until the National and Regional committees have made their decision in early October. If they decide on a common date, i.e. 31 December, Gloucester County will fall in line, otherwise the ‘age on’ date will remain as 31 March. The other main change is a further reduction in the number of awards made including dropping all BAGCAT and stroke awards.

The Club Championships will run throughout November.

The sprint events will be held at Horfield on Saturday 1st & Saturday 29th November, 5pm start, with the Presentation Disco on Friday 12th December. The longer distance events will held instead of the usual training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the usual training venue for that night:

Tuesday, 4 Nov 1500 F/S
Thursday, 6 Nov 100 IM & 200 IM
Tuesday, 11 Nov 800 F/S
Thursday, 13 Nov 400 F/S
Tuesday, 18 Nov 400 IM
Thursday, 20 Nov 200 F/S & 200 Butterfly
Tuesday, 25 Nov 200 Back & 200 Breast


Entry forms for all events can be found here

Please print off a hard copy, fill in and hand to Michelle together with a fee of £1 per event.

Please return any trophies won last year, clean and engraved, by the end of November.