It's fun time at BNSC! There will be a parents and swimmers game of rounders on Thursday 17 July on the grass at the back of Filton at 6.30 with dips/fruit/crisps to share and a swim after of fun race relays from 8-9. I don't know if the parents are included in the fun race relays. 

Sessions will start to wind down after Friday 20th July with the last one on Thursday 31st July. There will then be a couple of weeks with no training and then, maybe, a couple with just one or two to get back into the swing of things. Training will get back to normal on Tuesday, 2nd September, except that the Dolphin Pool is expected to be still closed on Thursday, 4th. Coaches have their holidays too and the Dolphin Pool is closing for a couple of weeks in late August / early September so final confirmation of the extra sessions in August will be published separately and will depend on pool and coach availability.

Final sessions in July are:

Monday  Ridings 21st
  Dolphin 28th
Tuesday Badminton   22nd
Wednesday  Horfield 30th
Thursday Dolphin 31st
Friday Dolphin 25th
  Ridings 25th
Sunday Ridings 20th
  Dolphin 27th

The last of the galas for this school year took place on 11 June with the results being a win for St Michaels with 214 points from Hillcrest with 210, Charborough Road with 196 and Filton Hill with 117. For interest, the Everyone Active team scored 137 and the Bristol North team 200.

The overall position for the trophy was Hillcrest, 587, Charborough Road, 542, St Michaels, 522 and Filton Hill, 285.

Congratulations to Hillcrest on winning the trophy this year.

The 2015 membership form is available here.