Trina has arranged some extra sessions for Masters, Squad 1 and Squad 2.  

Al sessions will be at Filton.

Monday 21st December
Masters - 8.30-9.30
Squad 1 - 7.00-9.00
Squad 2 - 7.00-8.30
Wednesday 23rd December 
Squads 1 and 2 - 7.30-8.30

Don’t forget the Presentation Disco on Friday, 11 December at the Stapleton & Begbrook Club. Trophies for the winners and certificates for all competitors in the Club Championships will be presented and everyone will have a good time. All parents, swimmers and coaches are welcome.

The Club meal will again be held at the Lucky Dragon Chinese restaurant at Hambrook on Friday, 27 November at 8pm. A sign-up list will be put on the notice board. All parents, coaches and Masters swimmers are welcome. There will be no training that evening.

There is a level 1 Open at Hengrove organised by UBSC on the 10th and 11th of January. If you are interested in entering please see Jenny Gardiner.

Warm up times for Saturday's UBSC level 3 open are as follows:

Saturday 22nd November Session 1

Warm Up 1: 13.00 – 13.17 Girls 9-11 years
Warm Up 2: 13.17 – 13.34 Girls 12/over
Warm Up 3: 13.34 – 13.51 All Boys

Saturday 22nd November Session 2

Warm Up 1: 16.15 – 16.32 Boys 9-13 years lanes 1-6, Girls Skins Finalists lanes 7 and 8
Warm Up 2: 16.32 – 16.49 Boys 14/over lanes 1-2, Girls 9-10 years lanes 3-8
Warm Up 3: 16.49 – 17.06 Girls 11/over

Sunday 23rd November Session 1

Warm Up 1: 10.00 – 10.17 All Boys
Warm Up 2: 10.17 – 10.34 Girls 9-11 years
Warm Up 3: 10.34 – 10.51 Girls 12/over

Sunday 23rd November Session 2

Warm Up 1: 13.30 – 13.47 Girls 9-10 lanes 1-6, Boys Skins Finalists lanes 7 and 8
Warm Up 2: 16.32 – 16.49 Girls 11/over
Warm Up 3: 16.49 – 17.06 All Boys

In each warm up we will open lanes 1, 2, 7 and 8 as sprint lanes after approximately 10 minutes. Lanes 3 – 6 will remain as general warm up lanes for the full 17 minutes.

There will be no land training at Ridings this Friday 14th November.

Certificates with times achieved in the Club Championships will be presented at the club disco on Friday 12th December at Stapleton and Begbrook Community Centre. Kick-off 7.15pm.

Swimmers, siblings, parents and coaches all welcome. Free entry! Please bring a plate of food for the buffet.

Senior swimmers, all parents and coaches are invited to the annual club dinner on Friday 28th November.

The venue is the Chinese restaurant in Hambrook. The cost is £20 with £5 deposit payable to Michelle or Gerald by the 7th.

The County Championships (aka Gloucester Blocks) will run during Jan/Feb/March this year. The age groups will be determined by age on 31st December 2015. This will make qualifying times (QTs) harder for many swimmers. To compensate for this, consideration times have been introduced - these are the QTs for the age group below. Swimmers with a consideration time will be accepted 'where possible'. Further details in the October newsletter.

5pm Horfield.

8/under yrs 25m Freestyle;  
8/under yrs 25m Butterfly; 
9 yrs 25m Freestyle;  
9 yrs 25m Butterfly;  
10 yrs 50m Backstroke;  
10 yrs 50m Breaststroke;  
11/12 yrs 100m Backstroke;  
11/12 yrs 100m Breaststroke; 
13/14 yrs 100m Freestyle; 
13/14 yrs 100m Butterfly; 
15/16 yrs 100m Freestyle; 
15/16 yrs 100m Butterfly; 
Over 16 yrs 100m Backstroke; 
Over 16 yrs 100m Breaststroke; 
Masters 50m Backstroke; 
Masters 50m Breaststroke; 
Open 50m Backstroke (all ages); 
Open 50m Breaststroke (all ages);